Blomsten og Vasen

Lifestyle shop with flowers and vintage vases

Welcome to Blomsten og Vasen (The flower and the vase), with a wide selection of seasonal flowers and over 1000 handpicked vintage vases.

When people ask about Blomsten og Vasen, my reply is that it is a lifestyle shop with flowers and fine vintage vases and more…! The name is not coincidental at all! It is designed to suit my idea and concept.

This shop is a dream come true about creating a space, a personal universe, where I can unfold my creativity, combine my passion for flowers and vases and my aesthetic sense with an ambition to sell flowers and vases as a whole. A brand new concept!

Blomsten og Vasen is a different boutique, that looks more like a living room or a salon in the best “old school style”. The shop is decorated with vintage furniture from near and far and full of dry and fresh flowers along with vintage vases in different styles and materials from glass to ceramics.

Everything in Blomsten og Vasen is handpicked, from markets throughout Europe, and specially selected with my personal taste. I am looking primarily for special and unique items that stand out.

My motto is among others: “Buy locally and sustainable, choose allergy friendly flowers, mix your own personal bouquet, choose flowers that match the vase, find your personal style, buy things with a story and soul, buy second-hand.

Come by Nordre Frihavnsgade 84 in Østerbro and be inspired from my wide selection or check our Instagram profile to find inspiration.

I am looking forward to see you

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Opening Hours:

Wednesday-Friday: 12.30-17.30
Saturday: 11.00-16:00
Sunday-Tuesday: CLOSED