Original in-house designed clothes

Fünf opened its doors for the first time in August 2004. At that time we were 5 designers – the name being – who wanted to collaborate on a store that could offer something different. All the clothes were sewn in the back room of the store and often there were only a few pieces of each style. We strive to give each customer a personal and positive experience when they visit the store.

Now, many years after, and many customers richer, we are still the small store in Nørrebro, which strives to meet the customers with a smile and personal service. The clothing is produced today in Bulgaria. This is because we could no longer keep up with the sewing machines in the back room. We have therefore worked closely with 2 family sewing teams, which we visit twice a year. However, we still customize the shop and some styles are still sewn in the back room.

We are 3 brands today; Sophia Lee, Tolsing and Froks.

Sofie Nørregaard stands behind the brand Sophia Lee. The brand bears the mark of having edge while being sexy and feminine.
Tolsing is designed by Sara Tolsing. The clothing balances between graphic cuts and a feminine expression. Maja Haahr is behind Froks. The brand has a minimalist expression, but with many sophisticated details.
What is common to the clothing in Fünf is that it is each a product of each of our personality and styles.

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Monday-Friday: 11:00-18:00
Saturday: 11:00-16:00