Colour up your life

Colorful and patterned dresses
The core of Amamiko’s dresses is colors, patterns and environment.
We love colors and we believe that colors create joy both for those who wear them and for those who meet them on their way. Red, yellow, green or blue; Whatever your favorite color is, we have a dress of that color. And if we don’t, send us a message so we can get it done 🙂

Patterns are another important ingredient in our dresses. We move within two different categories in our designs, the retro inspired and the fun. The retro inspired patterns are usually more subdued and therefore good for everyday dresses or for the dress to be used in the office. The fun patterns we use for “here I come” dresses. You can’t help but get attention in them and we often hear from our customers that they have been stopped on the streets by strangers who would just like to compliment when they have one of these dresses. Then you will be the party’s centerpiece, so go for the fun dresses 🙂

Retro inspired dresses
Our dresses are retro inspired and we like to mix styles from the 20s to the 70s. If you look back through time, there are a lot of nice details on the clothes. So we dust old fashion magazines and retro clothes around and let us inspire, for example, a collar, the location on a pleat or a fixed little pocket.

Bodies are different so it’s our dresses
You know it and we know, not two bodies are alike!
We do what we can to celebrate as many body types as possible, whether you have to go to the farm or the street or a bit of it all.
Our dress models are divided into types, A-shaped dresses, Cocoon dresses, Empire dresses, panel dresses and waistcoats. You can read about which body type the different dress models fit into each group. Dress up for your body type.

Plus size clothing all the way through and yet not
Amamiko started out as a plus size brand with dresses in sizes 44-56 and only in 2016 came sizes 36-42. So we have not just taken a small size and multiplied it a couple of times in the hope that it will fit. It has been a bigger process to arrive at the fit we are working from today. And we have had many plus size women, of different size and shape past as models before we hit right. Whether you are apple, pear or hourglass, you can find a dress at Amamiko that will dress you. As we then had to expand with sizes 36-42, the process started from scratch, with several different women passing by and testing passages, because one cannot “just” pull up or pull off when one, as we wish, all sizes can be included.

Danish production with attitude
Our dresses are produced in our own room in Copenhagen and are made in limited numbers. We have chosen to keep the production of the dresses in Denmark in order to ensure that all phases of production are of the highest quality.
In addition, it is one of our core values ​​that the production of our dresses is as little polluting as possible. So we did not want unnecessary pollution when transporting the clothes back and forth abroad.

We always work in natural materials, primarily eco-tex cotton. In this way we ensure that the dresses are a pleasure to wear and that it keeps the shape. We want to give the dresses as long a lifetime as possible.

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